Thulite Ring, size 9

  • $54.00

Stamped 925 Sterling Silver.

Size: 9

 Also referred to as Rosaline, is a calcium aluminum silicate mineral that crystallizes in the form of large masses or small prismatic crystals. It's a member of the Zoisite family and is one of the pinkest minerals Mother Earth creates naturally. It's known for its pink color which is caused by inclusions of Manganese, yet it can be seen as white and grey. The deeper the color means the higher the concentrated Manganese volume is, which drastically increases the value. Thulite was discovered in Telemark, Norway in 1820 by H.J. Brooke. He chose to name it after the ancient mythological island “Thule”, which many believe was located north of continental Europe. Since its initial finding, Thulite veins have been located in the United States, Sweden, Italy, Austria, Japan, and Australia.



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