Psilomane Pendant

  • $405.00

Psilomelane manganese specimen from Vaughn Nagel’s personal collection set in 925 Sterling Silver.

Signed VN

*chain sold separately 

Width: 40mm

Length: 65mm

The name has reference to this characteristic appearance, from the Greek for (naked, smooth) and (black); a Latinized form is calvonigrite.

It is a common and important ore of manganese, occurring under the same conditions and having the same commercial applications as pyrolusite. It is found at many localities; amongst those which have yielded typical botryoidal specimens may be mentioned the Restormel iron mine at Lostwithiel in Cornwall, Brendon Hills in Somerset, Hoy in Orkney, Sayn near Coblenz, Hout Bay near Cape Town, and Crimora in Augusta county, Virginia. With pyrolusite it is extensively mined in Vermont, Virginia, Arkansas, and Nova Scotia.



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