Cherry Creek Jasper Pendant

  • $156.60

Cherry Creek Jasper and 925 Sterling Silver Pendant from Vaughn Nagel.

Signed VN

*chain sold separately 

Width: 31mm

Length: 75mm

Red creek jasper, also called Cherry Creek jasper, is a colorful jasper that was discovered in Mainland China in 2010. The miners were looking for turquoise when they found this lovely red, green, yellow, blue-gray and black stone instead. Like turquoise, red creek jasper must be stabilized to be cut and polished.

Though red creek jasper has only been on the market a short time, it has become immensely popular. This stunning jasper is mined in China and is named for the creek that flows through the area where it was first found.

Red creek jasper combines softly muted shades of mustard yellow, olive green, and burnt red in patterns that resemble a breathtaking sunset. Red creek jasper beads exhibit gorgeous combinations of tan, red and sage greens. It has amazing brecciated patterns that resemble an abstract landscape painting.



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