Botswana Agate Ring, size 11

  • $145.80

From Vaughn Nagel 
Size: 11

The most royal of agates, Botswana agate is famed for its history, scarcity and beauty. These stones are mostly found in the Bobonong district of Botswana and are famous for the extra fine banding of white, black, shades of grey and occasional touches of pink or salmon hues. While some collectors only consider banded stones to be agates, others will include any multicolored forms of chalcedony in their collections.


Banded agates such as this have been used for cameo and intaglio carving for thousands of years, with the layers of color revealed in carving paramount to the gemstone design. The banding revealed in agates is also appreciated for its beauty, while the stone's hardness is respected for its durability. Banded agates, worn plain as well as carved, have been used as talismans and amulets since the rise of the ancient Greeks. Agate jewelry was discovered in the grave of the "Griffin Warrior," dated around 1500 BC!


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