Black Jade Pendant

  • $156.60

Lemurian Black jade with pyrite inclusions set in 925 Sterling Silver by seasoned lapidary artist Vaughn Nagel.

Width: 31mm

Length: 52mm

Black "jade" is actually grey serpentine that's been dyed to have black jadeite's beauty, without its cost. Serpentine is commonly green and was likely named for its similarity to snakeskin. This stone is similar to asbestos, however, its alternative crystalline structure makes it safe to use and wear, even though it retains some of the fire-resistant properties of the more dangerous material. In the 1800s, scientists discovered serpentine's fire-resistance and urged its use in manufacturing in textiles and home décor items.


Some serpentine, regardless of color, contains magnetite or lodestone, making it slightly magnetic. Other types may exhibit areas of chatoyancy. Non-magnetic forms are commonly used in home furnishings.


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