Angel of Children Casting

  • $85.00

Resin art nouveau casting of an angel and child.  Heavy weighted figure (not hollow), hand painted.

Height: 11 inches

Naarai and her servants are charged with protecting the children of the world.

Naarai is a Cherub. Her celestial form looks like a giant winged deer. When she manifests in the Corporeal or Ethereal Realms, she most often takes the form of a kindly-looking grandparent, although she frequently takes the form of other people who are associated with children; teachers, social workers, pediatricians, owners of ice cream and candy stores, and so on.

Naarai has been an Archangel for centuries, but has played the political game, and thus has remained one of the lesser Archangels. Her worst time period was at the start of the Industrial Revolution, when children were often used to perform the most dirty and dangerous of jobs. However, although the enactment of the first child-labor laws helped quite a bit, Naarai's Word is far from safe. Abuse of children is still rampant in many places across the Symphony.



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