Alum Crystal

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Select a beautiful lab grown alum crystal in your favorite color!


Alum does grow naturally although it solvable in water. It is hydrated potassium aluminum sulfate with the formula KAI (SO4) x 12H20. Alum is used, for example, commercially in products to stop the bleeding process and the general healing process.  It is also used as a powder in the process of pickling to maintain the crispness of fruits and vegetables as well as in some backing powders. Another use of Alum is to be used as a flame retardant and it is used in some fire extinguishers 


Arcanite is a potassium sulfate mineral with the formula K2 SO4. It was first described in 1845 when it occurred with old pine railroad ties in the Santa Ana tin mine in the Trabuco Canyon in the Santa Ana Mountains in Orange County, U.S.A.


Phosphate-Niahite with the formula NH₄ H₂ PO₄ x H₂0 is a hydrated monoamin phosphate which can contain ions of magnesium as well as manganese and was first found in nature in the Niah Great Cave on Borneo, Malaysia. Our minerals with its impressive forms were grown under lab conditions in Poland. Phosphate is used as an additive to yeast to improve wine fermentation.


Pruskite does not grow naturally but are a great display mineral. The color of Pruskite are natural and come from the iron inside the mineral's composition. The chemical compound of Pruskite is used to develop film the old fashion way and it is used also as an additive to road salt in Europe. It is not toxic but it is not edible so do not lick or eat it. 




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